Gunmen of Nicodemus

Gunmen of Nicodemus

Do you like history, old west grit and adventure, spiritual inspiration, and a little romance to wash it down? If the answer is yes, this novel is for you. So saddle up and read!

It’s the old west and I’ve weaved a tale with the feel and excitement of those yesteryears. The Indians were being pushed off their land, pioneers were braving the frontier, and the railroad was expanding westward. Mostly the gun was considered the letter of the law as much as its enforcer. This was my first western era novel and I must admit it was great fun to write. The town of Nicodemus, Kansas exists today. The story is historical fact wrapped in a gripping fictional story. It’s a read you won’t soon forget.


Resolving to abandon their past lifestyles for different reasons, four fast guns with well-earned reputations quietly settle outside the Negro town of Nicodemus, Kansas. There is a job to be done and the cash with the added compensation of land makes this job a sweet deal. The men are commissioned to protect the town from an unscrupulous land baron’s attempted takeover. They face challenges of unwelcoming townsfolk, a devious adversary, and powerful corporate greed, along with their personal struggles and budding romances. This novel has something for everyone; stand out characters, romance, spiritual insight, an attention holding multilayered plot with western action.

Gideon McCoy, Caleb Cain, Joshua Boudreaux and David ‘Boone’ Tennyson are immediately attracted to the charming Nicodemus women; Sugar, a beautiful and sweet-natured farm girl, Louise, the talkative daughter of a general store owner, Liberty a sassy saloon owner, and the newly arrived schoolmarm, Polly.
Nicodemus residents eagerly anticipate the advent of the Pacific Union Railroad but a scheming Lucas Hitchcock with his greedy ambitions and racial hatred insert obstacle after obstacle. Shady government dealings also work against a potentially beneficial arrangement between the railroad and Nicodemus. Yet, Lucas’ most despised enemy, Geoffrey Abington, pushes back against his vicious bid for control. Nicodemus becomes pawn in a tug of war between the railroad company only concerned with expansion and profit, Lucas Hitchcock’s power play and the godly team of Geoffrey Abington and Harlan Colby. Harlan, a loving family man and longtime railroad employee is fed up with his company’s trend of unethical business practices. He takes a bold stand for what he believes is God’s standard in business, society, and humanity as a whole. People are being harassed, run from their land and even killed. The four gunmen are hired to protect the town’s citizens but encounter problems both spiritual and natural they did not foresee. Sides are drawn culminating into a tragic showdown and only God can deliver victory to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus, Kansas is an actual town still existing today as a banner of historical importance for all Americans. The story is fiction, but with important factual historical nuggets injected.