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About Marlene

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      I was born to write for the Kingdom of YAH. I am a word warrior and novelist, hardwired to write. The fiction I write often demonstrates the Hand of YAH in everyday human affairs, highlighting how He moves in His children's individual and collective lives and throughout this entire world. My hope is for these stories to be an enjoyable and enlightening form of pointing people to our Redeemer and His Kingdom and inspiring True spiritual growth in the reader. The historical novels also teach readers about events ignored or inaccurately portrayed in mainstream history chronicles. My nonfiction writing is my humble service to the Kingdom. Whatever I write, Yahshua, Messiah is Author and Finisher of my faith and my fiction. I am very grateful to the Most High for the ability and a platform on which to use it. 

     My somewhat outside-the-box novels are rooted in my love of storytelling and penchant for historical relevance to the African American experience. I have an affectionate connection to Yahweh’s Word and a fascination with the theater of human drama. My stories blend these passions often into multilayered plots with engaging characters showing Father Yah's Abiding Hand in ever aspect of human life. Adding a touch of romance in most of them satisfies that ever-present amorous nature of mine.

    Currently published novels are historical romances and contemporary fiction with Kingdom focused nonfiction forthcoming. I am amoving into nonfiction with the same, if not more, enthusiasm as I have for fiction.

    Along with being a Kingdom writer, word warrior  and novelist, I am an ordained nondenominational minister. My passions are with my writing, Bible literacy outreach and teaching. My roots are in Pennsylvania where I currently live. If you would like to learn more about me or connect with me, visit these sites:



     A natural born storyteller/writer has not simply chosen to write but writing is inbred, thrust upon the individual. The gift of writing attaches itself to the person with inexplicable tenacity. The call to write quietly urges one to sit down and put words into order. The inclination becomes a push which progresses into a passion, and that morphs into a hard pressed drive, a soulish need. Sadly, there are those who may be gifted but never satisfy that need because they do not write. If so, the void is never filled and the voice never silenced.     
     It doesn't matter if you are paid to write or not. It doesn't even matter if anyone else ever reads what you write. Commercializing your writing is not the goal. There is a definite filling experience when a writer writes. So the important thing is that you write, that you satisfy that inner need to express, depict or fictionalize through your words. I believe the art of writing should not just be a career choice or money making attempt. Like other creative gifts from YHWH, it's a calling or talent given for His purposes more than any other reason. Not everyone is called or even gifted to write just like with singing, dancing, acting or even cooking. People mistakenly think writing a book means automatic substantial income. The craft of writing has been corrupted, marketed and devalued as a fast or easy way to make money but to the true writer, although making money is very nice, it is not a requirement.
     So why do I write? I write because I was born to write. I favor literary expression and love telling stories; stories that have personal relevance, meaning or messages. I write because the joy of the process is extremely rewarding. The satisfaction is even greater when you realize you were born to do it. Writing for me, on some level, is a spritual experience. YHWH designs certain people specifically for this craft as he does with all other crafts and abilities. He fashions the intellect, personality and imagination expressly to be a writer. When a writer understands the gift and moves into that calling it all falls into place and that is about as sweet as it gets.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."
– Mark Twain – 
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