I am a Kingdom writer, word warrior and novelist, hardwired to write meaningful stories for the Kingdom of God. My stories often demonstrate the Hand of God in the human drama, highlighting how He moved and still moves in our individual lives. My hope is for these stories to be a form of pointing people to our Savior and His Kingdom, and inspiring True spiritual growth in the reader.  The historical novels teach readers about events ignored or inaccurately portrayed in mainstream historical chronicles. Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus The Christ is Author and Finisher of my faith and my fiction. I am grateful to Creator God for the scribal gifting and a platform on which to use it. 

     My often outside-the-box novels are rooted in my love of storytelling and penchant for historical relevance to the African American experience. I have an affectionate connection to God’s Word and a fascination with the theater of human drama. My stories blend these passions often into multilayered plots with engaging characters showing Yahweh Elohim's Abiding Hand in ever aspect of life. Adding a touch of romance in most of them satisfies that always-present amorous nature of mine.

    Currently published novels are historical romances and contemporary fiction with other exciting genre's of fiction forthcoming. I am also moving into nonfiction with the same, if not more, enthusiasm I have for fiction.

     I am an ordained Christian minister with a degree in Theology. I am also a Kingdom writer, word warrior  and novelist with a burgeoning teaching, preaching and Bible literacy outreach. My roots are in Pennsylvania where I currently live. If you would like to learn more about me or connect with me, visit these sites:










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