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And The Winner Is...

PBS sponsored the Great American Read campaign. As someone who truly enjoys a good read, I watched and anxiously waited those months for the most voted novel to be announced. Although none of the 100 novels were my personal picks for the number one slot, there were some very good ones among the list. I happily voted at least once or twice a week.

I must say, though that I was initially disappointed that ROOTS by Alex Haley did not make the cut for the list. That would be the book that I consider highly influential in my life and would have thought a popular classic. However, many excellent novels were not included so I got over it. The 100 chosen novels were a diverse collection in genre, era of release and story lines. The top winner taking first place as the most loved novel was TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee. It's a good story indeed and a popular one it seems.

It was a wonderful thing to see so people who adore reading novels. They were passionate about those books and even had clubs demonstrating the enthusiasm generated from good stories. Storytelling is still an appreciated art, I'm glad to say. So click on the book board below to view the grand finale revealing where each novel ranked. And as always, HAPPY READING AMERICA!


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