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Celebrate Reading and Books!

It's National Book Lovers Day, people! A day made for avid readers and bibliophiles alike. I'm proud to admit I fit in both categories. Not only do I love to read but I am enamored with the physicality of books. Libraries make me absolutely giddy. Electronic books are very convenient and take up way less space but I still have an affinity for the good ole fashion hard copy. Something about holding a printed novel in my hands that makes reading a more satisfying experience. I know, I'm old school and make no apologies for it. I do eBooks too but not nearly as often. For me it's a real downer to look at yet another screen to read a good story.

Whatever your preference, be it eBook or hard copy print, get yourself a book you've been thinking about reading and your favorite beverage and just chill. Stop rushing around and relax with an inviting novel. You'll be glad for the down time and if the story is good, that's the icing on the cake.


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