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Inspiring and Amazing

At ninety six years young, Leona Choy has yet to take to her rocking chair full time to idle her life away. She writes and edits and was keynote speaker for the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference which was online this year because of Covid. Listening to this lady was about as encouraging as it gets for me. People in their senior years often encounter a lot of not-so-encouraging communication from everyone from your family and friends to your doctors and associates. Our youth obsessed society has little use for the wisdom and abiltities of folks in their golden years. We often get relegated to the back where it is assumed we'll spend the rest of our days doing nothing of any real consequence. Well, I am happy to see how my babyboomer generation has other ideas about how to spend our retired-from-the-grind-time. Leona Choy is poster girl for defying the odds and the usual mentality about aging. And she's a writer too! How cool is that? Write on, Leona!!


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