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It's Kentucky Race Time Again!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I adore spring and with it comes a lot of horse racing excitement. There are some serious high profile horse races taking place every spring. The Kentucky Oaks was yesterday and the Derby is today. I'm sure that most horse racing lovers are in rare form about now. I don't bet on horse racing but I am quite enamored with the celebratory energy surrounding the Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Seeing the races live is a definite on my rather lengthy bucket list. I like horses a lot and I marvel at the fabulous hats female fanciers wear for the occasion. It's a fun and exciting time with big bucks being spread around too. The winning pots are not shabby either. As far as I know, only the Dubai World Cup has a heftier purse.

The 2019 Kentucky Oaks

There has been a lot of hub bub concerning this race and the results is that the physical winner, Maximum Security has been disqualified and the second runner up, Country House is now the official 2019 Kentucky Derby winner. The judges apparently saw something in the replay of the race that made them disqualify Maximum Security. In my opinion this race has had a lot of mishaps from the start. One horse bailed out. Another horse changed the jockey at the last minute for no noticeable good reason. I must admit, I am truly disappointed in Mike Smith for taking that offer that would bump out the other Jockey. There was no reason to oust the other jockey except that the owners felt Mike stood a better chance to win. Isn't there some kind of jockey code of honor about fair play? Needless to say, Mike did not win the Derby. He didn't even make it on the top runners board but what do you expect when he'd never ridden the animal before the race. Is that crazy or what? And they thought he would win?

The day was a rainy soggy mess but the fans didn't let that deter them...hats and all. I am so happy the horses didn't get injured racing on that wet ground. I think they should cancel the races when the ground is that wet. It's too dangerous for the horses because we all know their terrible fates if they break a leg...sigh.

The 2019 Kentucky Derby


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