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Listen Up, People

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Most people are so enthused with technological developments that give them access to what? Not much worth while; impersonal contact with other people, a sounding board to mouth off from, a look into the scripted lives of rich celebrities or no talent wannabes. These attention sucking, mind numbing devices have become mini gods in modern culture replacing real human interaction and social etiquette. It has become a cultural addiction and not by accident. You are connected to whatever but do you know what is consequently connected to you? We are pawns. Pawns to marketing, pawns to social media and all forms of media and technological indoctrination. This world tribe is running fast and feverishly toward the edge of the cliff, folks. Do you really want to follow? Stop watching and following the crowd, look up, not at what's around you because it's from Father God above where your life, purpose and help comes.

I'm just sayin'...

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