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Ah...It's Autumn

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I appreciate this season. Autumn weather is wonderfully comfortable and the foliage beautiful with its breathtaking autumnal colors. The decrease in sweltering summer heat is very much welcome too. Warm but not hot...ahh... not cold, either, just right. No temperature extremes just cozy, that is except for it being hurricane season in some places. I guess it can't be all perfect. Although the fall is technically a botanical season of death, I seem to feel a renew energy somewhat like I do in the spring. The advent of winter has it's down side but I've learned each season has a purpose which compliments the seasonal flow of life. God knew what He was doing, that's for sure. It gives me a comprehensive understanding of each climate season, chronological seasons of my life as well as relational seasons. In a nutshell; things come into being, exist and produce, age and grow old and eventually die off. The cycle of life, they call it. Although this was not God's will for this planet and the creatures He put on it, this is how it became since the fall of man.

Autumn maintains the past beauty of spring and summer foliage with lovely autumnal flowers and colorful leaf changes. The present is represented in the harvest of fruits and vegetables. Shedding of leaves by the trees and dying off of plant life announces the cold and bleak winter to come. One season seamlessly melds into the other as it does in life. One year after another, one decade after decade, each carrying us through our designated journeys onto our appointed times. The cycle of life is all around us in everything God created.

Taking note of this hopefully helps us make better use of the precious time we are given. The fall season inspires me to tie up lose ends before the year is out. It brings the fleeting nature of time into focus and jump starts my creative, personal and spiritual motors.


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