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My Daddy

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I was blessed with a wonderful father growing up. Bill Banks had many great qualities being a respectful responsible strong head of household and hard working man. He had the admiration of a lot of people from family members to friends and neighbors. Like I said, I was blessed. He taught me many things about life in this world and how to survive and he did it by example as well as telling me. Life was often hard for my dad but he always came through and took care of his family. I always felt taken care of by him, I was sure of his love no matter what. I am very proud of the man he was and to say he was my beloved father. In reality, Daddy was not a perfect person at all but he was perfect in my little girl's eyes and up until I was a very young adult. It was then I started to understand my father did not walk on water, yet, even then he held his spot on the pedestal of fatherly greatness.

The word daddy is the intimate childlike address for a father. It's what I've always called my father. For me that title speaks of love, security and an affection that spills out for a lifetime. Although I am far from being a child, around this time every year, I recall my blessings being my daddy's baby girl. I feel this way because I know a lot of people who feel anything but blessed about their biological paternity. Many of which don't even know their biological fathers. I thank the Good Lord for my dad and our relationship.

That said, I am even more grateful I know my awesome spiritual Father. I have another Father Who is even more important and impactful to my life. Father Yah, my heavenly Father, the ultimate Daddy, is a blessing extending far beyond any human father's ability. Bill Banks passed away over three decades ago and I feel the void in my life to this day, but I find comfort knowing Father God is ever with me. I am so glad I can walk in His Love with the assurance that it's unconditional and unceasing. My relationship with Him is eternal and He is Holy, powerful and just. As great as my biological father was in my eyes, The Lord is so much greater. He surpasses the limitations of being human. Unlike my dad, my Creator God is perfect. His will is always for my good and I feel a security in Him I couldn't possibly have with any other human being. Yahweh God holds all things in His hands because He is Sovereign Ruler of the universe. He mercifully gives life, light and love to His beloved creation despite our rebellion and dishonor toward Him. He sent His Son and made a way when there was no way. Yahweh provides, He gives purpose and pleasure to my life. That is why He's the center of my being, my Source, the One Who sustains me...He's my God...and, yes, He's definitely my Daddy.

Here is an awesome video by Priscilla Shirer that rightly expresses my sentiments about my other DADDY.

* To all the good and great fathers out there, the ones doing there best for their families, I give you honor. Yours is not an easy job in this culture, to be a man and a real father.

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