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My Year of the Writer, 2020

I've decided to call 2020 my year of the writer. It's my own categorization of underscoring literature; writing it and reading it. I plan to dig into some old classics, modern dramas and brand new thrillers; spending more time with the written word than the spoken as in television. telephone or videos. I have already slowly moved toward that direction. Reading has always excited, educated and entertained me. I want to revisit all that. We have become such a visual culture until reading has become less popular than watching. In my humble opinion, we will pay for these technological temptations we depend on which are images someone else puts in front of us. I worry about the younger generations who are born into this imagination-lazy era. Is the imagination like our muscles if we don't use it we eventually loose it? Hmm...

This year, because I found myself falling more into that visual, watch-mode, I decided to step back and spend more time with my first love...reading literature. Of course that includes continuing to fine tune my writing skills and productivity. Good writers are usually avid readers who love the story and books. Here are some videos of writers' being interviewed and them giving instruction on the craft. Yeah, I know, I just spoke on videos vs reading. Push that aside for the moment...LOL. If you're interested in writers or are thinking you are gifted to write, just watch these.


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