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Native American Heritage Month

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The longer I live the more I understand how learning is a process you take to the grave. The human experience makes it necessary to adjust and relearn our changing physical bodies, our evolving mental abilities and navigating the ever-changing culture we live in as we hopefully mature and grow wiser. I have always liked learning new things. For me learning good and useful things is a fun experience. I recently, and to my surprise, learned that the month of November is Native American Heritage Month. Who knew? I certainly didn't and quite a few of the people I've asked didn't know either. I am over-the-top happy to know there is a month to celebrate our Native American brothers and sisters. So I'm going to track the inception of this month's commemoration and find out why I'm just learning about this in 2020. Am I really that much out of the information loop? I guess so, huh.


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