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The Blessing of Mothers

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

My Sweet Mother

I was blessed with a dedicated and sacrificial mother from the old school. I say the old school because like so many attitudes and action in today's culture, things have changed a great deal. Yet, in this world of always shifting mentalities certain things remain the same. One of those solid never changing things is the blessing of having a mother who loves and cares for you with that strong maternal instinct that comes from the spirit more than the physical connection; a mother who would die to protect her child or go hungry in order to feed her children. The instinct to supernaturally stand up to a bear that threatens her offspring and does it with such adrenaline fueled power that she wins! The bear moves on. The kind of mother who puts her needs aside for those of her child's without resentment. Taking her responsibility with joy, love and maternal dignity. That's the Blessing of a good mother and I can personally attest that there is little in this life any better than being raised by a woman with such devoted love and tender caring.

This picture is a striking portrait which speaks to me of several things. One of the strong feelings I get from it is the dignity, beauty and bond between a mother and her baby. God designed mothering to have certain characteristics. That's what makes it so special although like so many beautiful things Father God created, the enemy, with a lot of human help, has corrupted it. There is a regal dignity about being a mother regardless to one's station in life. Mothers are queens in their own right by parental status. Fathers may be king of the castle but it's the mothers who are queens of the kingdom.

Even with animals you can see the beauty of motherhood. It may be more instinctive than an emotional response for them but it is still obvious and something special to behold.


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