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Veterans Day, 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In the midst of the past and continuing pandemic, racial strife, riots and election chaos we stop to honor our military men and women from all branches and all generations. I have a deep respect and connection to military service as my family has been in many of the wars as far back as we can trace relatives in the nineteenth century. However, I am most familiar with the twentieth century in which I had several great uncles who I know fought in the Great War (WWI). World War II sticks prominently in my mind because my father was a soldier who fought in its Pacific Campaign. When I was a kid I can remember him answering my questions showing minimal annoyance as I picked his brain to know every detail of what it was like fighting in a war. The Korean War also had some of my relatives in it and years later I saw my cousins and many neighbors go off to Viet Nam. Desert Sorm, although short-lived, was quite memorable for me as the nation's civilians collectively rallied in support of our military. This was a great improvement compared to how our Viet Nam vets were treated, which was shameful. In the twenty first century we've lived daily hearing about the Iraqi/Afghanistan War on Terror and numerous other mid eastern and African conflicts involving our United States troops. Our gratitude and respect must never wane or be diminshed for the sacrificial, courageous and dedicated people in our armed forces. May our High and Holy God reveal Himself to them all and keep His Hand on each and every military person wherever they may be in this world.

My Father, a World War II Veteran


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