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Words Matter, Language is Important

As a writer, through the years, I have become increasingly aware of language and its influence, in particular the importance of words. Words are the essential tools of a writer's craft. The better our arsenal of words (vocabulary) the better writers we become. Words build a story and how we use them determines the story's quality. Words are the most used for of language, influencing a great deal of human communication. It is said that vocabulary is the distinguishing trait of most successful people in any field. I would assume that is because vocabulary demonstrates an ability to clearly communicate. It is language, they say, that elevates humans above the other God-created animals. Our ability to speak, write and talk with our High and Holy God puts us in an honored place among all of Divine Creation. God spoke words to mankind from the start and chose to use words via the Holy Bible as a main source to communicate with us through all these centuries. Splintering their speech patterns was how He confounded men at the Tower of Babel. So it is not an overstatement to say, words, written or spoken and language is crucial to human development.

We've all heard sayings like, "choose your words wisely" or "words can hurt." On some level we understand the potent effect words have on us but even so, I see how most of us still underestimate the importance and power of words. Words are spirits, spirits we send out into the cosmos (atmosphere) and they have power both physical and spiritual. I say this not as in some new age-hug a tree kind of way but from a biblical principal.

When writing I have to be very aware of the words I choose but we all should become more conscious of our word choices and how we use language in our daily interactions. My alter ego, word warrior woman, always requires I define terms on which I expound. So first I'll give clear concise definitions.

LANGUAGE: (noun) Spoken or written method of human communication utilizing words (and sounds) in a specific manner in a certain group or community. Any nonverbal expression for communication purposes. Sound and/or instinctual actions of animals for communication to each other and humans.

WORD/WORDS: (noun) A single unit of language, a distinct element of speech or writing, means of verbal or written communication either singularly or in a group as in a sentence.

In forthcoming Words Matter installment blogs, I continue this topic focusing on the many aspects of words and language such as how words are used and misused in our current culture. Various topics will be touched upon including, changing definitions and the current trend of dumbing-down proper diction and grammar. For now I leave you with one of my most used personal mantras: WORDS MATTER and LANGUAGE IS IMPORTANT.


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