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Worthy Women

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

This month has been designated National Women's Month in the United States of America. Although it gets little fanfare compared to other recognized months of commemoration, it is steadily gaining its rightful place. Women have been instrumental in every phase of human development and prominently so in this nation's establishing struggles and growth. In my pride of womanhood, I look down the corridor of time seeing many courageous, creative, educated, talented and visionary females. I am privileged to have many more wonderful women in this world with me right now and I know my sisters will carry the torch into the future. Historically, contributions by women in most disciplines and events were ignored or underplayed. The purpose of the annual month-long acknowledgement to women is to correct that error and show the attributes of womanhood at its best.

I start this two part tribute with a quote from former president, Jimmy Carter, about the presence and value of female participation in our country's fabric.

To be continued with next post...


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