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Intention and Privacy Compliance

     Visiting my author site is intended to be enjoyable, safe and pressure-free. This site is solely to connect with my readers or those who are considering my work and reveal appropriate information about myself. Any of your contact information given out on this site will only be used in such a manner. I respect your right to privacy and not to be inundated with unwanted solicitations or information. I will never share or sell your contact data. I do not send out newsletters or writing updates unless you make a request for any such communication when available.

     I do not sell books on my author site but there will eventually be links to venues where you can purchase them. I only reach out to my readers when they contact me first. The site's system automatically saves your contact data but if you request for it to be removed, I will immediately comply. However, I must state that I have no control over what the site system does with the data. I enjoy communicating with people who read my work and respond to as many as possible but I do not push products or do marketing campaigns from this website.

                                                   Fair Usage Declaration 


     This site's usage of any materials (including images) not original to this entity or its author does so under the Fair Usage Law as stipulated by the United States Copyright Law -Title 17 U.S.C. section 107.

Marlene Banks

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